Game Boy Gallery

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Game Boy Gallery cover.png
Game Boy Gallery
DeveloperTOSE, Nintendo R&D1
SystemsGame Boy
ReleasedEU: April 27, 1995
AU: 1995
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Game Boy Gallery is a compilation of five Game & Watch games for Game Boy.

It contains modern remakes of Game & Watch games.

Game & Watch games included

Title Release Story
Ball 1980 A juggler tosses balls in the air and catches them and throw them back in the air.
Cement Factory 1982 Mario works in a cement factory, pulling levers to make sure the cement goes in the mixers.
Flagman 1980 Flags are waved, and the number of patterns of the flag-waving must be repeated.
Manhole 1981 People that are falling out a burning building must be caught.
Vermin 1980 Moles must be clobbered when they pop up from the ground.


Game Boy Gallery was released for Game Boy in Australia and Europe in 1995.