Game & Watch Gallery

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Game & Watch Gallery cover.png
Game & Watch Gallery
DeveloperTOSE, Nintendo R&D1
SystemsGame Boy, Nintendo 3DS
ReleasedGame Boy
NA: May 1997
JP: February 1, 1997
EU: August 28, 1997
AU: 1997
Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS
NA: July 14, 2011
JP: June 22, 2011
EU: July 21, 2011
AU: July 21, 2011
Added to
3DS: December 4, 2017

Game & Watch Gallery, known as Game Boy Gallery (ゲームボーイギャラリー ) in Japan and as Game Boy Gallery 2 in Australia, is a compilation of four Game & Watch games for Game Boy.

It contains both classic modes and modern modes with characters from the Super Mario series.

Game & Watch games included

Title Release Story
Fire 1980 People that are falling out a burning building must be caught.
Manhole 1981 Manholes must be covered before people fall through.
Octopus 1981 Treasure must be captured underwater and then brought back up without being caught by an octopus.
Oil Panic 1982 Oil must be caught from a leaking pipe and put into an oil drum.


Game & Watch Gallery was released for Game Boy in 1997.

It was released for Virtual Console on 3DS in 2011.