Game & Watch Collection

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Game & Watch Collection cover.png
Game & Watch Collection
DeveloperNintendo R&D1
SystemsNintendo DS
ReleasedJP: July 28, 2006
NA: December 15, 2008
AU: March 11, 2009
Added to
January 12, 2020

Game & Watch Collection is a compilation of three Game & Watch games for Nintendo DS. It was released exclusively as a Club Nintendo reward.

Game & Watch games included

Title Release Story
Donkey Kong 1982 Mario has to rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong by climbing up platforms and dodging barrels.
Green House 1982 Bugs in a greenhouse have to be sprayed to protect the plants.
Oil Panic 1982 Oil must be caught from a leaking pipe and put into an oil drum.


Game & Watch Collection was released for Nintendo DS in Japan in 2006, in North America in 2008, and in Europe in 2009.