Elves '87

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Elves '87.jpg
Elves '87
DeveloperBruce MacKay, Marlene Abriel
PublisherBurned Out Adventurers
SystemsAtari ST, DOS
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March 17, 2020

Elves '87, also known as The Elf's Christmas Adventure, was a text adventure game that was first released in 1987.


A retired Christmas Elf has to figure out what went wrong at the North Pole, and beyond, in order to save Christmas.


Elves '87 was developed using the AdvSys interactive fiction authoring system by Bruce MacKay and Marlene Abriel.


The original version was shared over the Burned Out Adventurers bulletin board system for the Atari ST.

David Malmberg converted it as The Elf's Christmas Adventure in the Adventure Game Toolkit scripting language in 1992.

Volker Blasius ported Elves '87 to DOS in 1993.