Elektronika BK

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Elektronika BK
Designer Elektronika
Manufacturer Elektronika
CPU 3-4 MHz K1801VM1
Graphics K1801VP1-037 VDC
Memory 32 KB RAM, 8 KB ROM
Media cassette tape
5¼ inch floppy disk (via the KNGMD)
Released 1983-1993
Added to Museum БК-0010.01: November 30, 2019
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Elektronika BK (Электроника БК) is a series of Soviet computers developed under the Elektronika brand name. БК stands for бытовой компьютер, which means household computer in Russian.

They are 16-bit computers that are compatible with the DEC PDP-11/03.


The BK series of computers was developed at the Scientific Research Institute of Precision Technology at the Scientific Center (a subordinate of the Ministry of the Electronics Industry) in Zelenograd, Moscow, USSR.


  • Electronika BK-0010 (Электроника БК-0010) - It was released in 1983. Mass production began in 1984. It had a membrane keyboard rather than a keyboard with keycaps.
  • Electronika BK-0010.01 (Электроника БК-0010.01) - It had a standard keyboard and contained a BASIC compiler rather than the Focal compiler of the Elektronika BK-0010.
  • Electronika BK-0010 Sh (Электроника БК-0010Ш) - It contained a network adapter to connect to the KUVT-86 (КУВТ-86) local network for educational use in schools.
  • Electronika BK-0011 (Электроника БК-0011) - It had 96 KB more RAM, 1 Mhz faster CPU, a newer version of BASIC, and a floppy controller. The disk drive was not included.
    • Changes that affected backward compatibility included the inability to load programs from a cassette tape, and adjustments to crucial subsystems, such as sound.
  • Electronika BK-0011M (Электроника БК-0011M) - Restored functionality that was absent in the BK-0011, making it backward compatible.

Extension modules

Connected to the MPI expansion connector:

  • IRPS (ИРПС): A serial adapter module that connected to a DVK (ДВК) computer via the KUVT-86 (КУВТ-86) local network for educational use in schools.
  • KLS (КЛС): Local area network controller at 57600 baud.
  • KMK: Mono channel controller that connects to the School-001 (ШКОЛОК-0011) network at 57600 baud.
  • KNGMD (КНГМД): A floppy drive interface that allowed connection of a 5¼ inch floppy disk drive.
  • KRMP (КРМП): A teacher workplace controller that connects a drive via KNGMD and a school network via KMK.
  • Minstrel (менестрель): A simple sound processor.
  • MSTD (МСТД, Monitor System of Test Diagnostics): It includes diagnostic tests. The module for the BC-0010.01 also includes the Focal programming language.
  • RAM: 32 KB of additional memory.

Connected to the UP connector:

  • KM: Connected a printer and a mouse designed by "Mars" (the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Moscow Experimental Design Bureau").
  • KM10: Connected only the mouse without support for the printer.
  • KPU (КПУ): Connected a printer via the IFSP (ИРПР) radial parallel interface.
  • Joystick: Also designed by Электроника.