CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

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CSI: Hard Evidence
DeveloperTelltale Games
SystemsWindows, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360
ReleasedPlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360
NA: October 26, 2010
EU: October 29, 2010
AU: November 25, 2010
NA: October 26, 2010
AU: November 25, 2010
EU: November 26, 2010
Added to
Windows: May 4, 2015

CSI: Hard Evidence was the sixth game in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series. It was the fourth game in the series to be developed by Telltale Games.

It was published by Ubisoft for Windows, PlayStation, Xbox 360, and Wii on October 26, 2010.

Like Telltale's first CSI game, 3 Dimensions of Murder, even though this game was sold as a single product in stores, it still retains the episodic nature of Telltale's other games.


A rookie crime scene investigator at the Las Vegas crime lab has five cases to solve by collecting evidence, talking to suspects, questioning other CSI members, and using all of the equipment available in the lab.

In the first case, "Flash Baked", a spa owner was found to be burned to death, and thus a burned building became another crime scene.

In the second case, "Planting Evidence", a construction worker was found dead at the center of a construction site.

In the third case, "Tapped Out", a burn victim becomes a murder victim after her hospital equipment is discovered to have been sabotaged.

In the fourth case, "All Washed Up", a temporary secretary was found dead in her car in a car wash.

In the fifth case, "Boss Fight", the case is the culmination of all of the previous cases, as there are two murders, and one is a suspect from a previous case.


Like Telltale's other CSI games, this was distributed traditionally through a publisher to stores. The CSI games remain the only Telltale games that were released through a traditional developer/publisher arrangement.