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Apple TV
Designer Apple
Manufacturer Apple
CPU 1st: Intel Pentium M
2nd: Apple A4
3rd & 3rd Rev A: Apple A5
4th: Apple A8
5th: Apple A10X Fusion
Graphics 1st: Nvidia GeForce Go 7300
2nd: PowerVR SGX535
3rd: PowerVR SGX543MP2
3rd Rev A: PowerVR SGX543MP1
4th: PowerVR Series 6XT GX6450
5th: Apple A10X Fusion
Memory 1st and 2nd: 256 MB
3rd and 3rd Rev A: 512 MB
4th: 2 GB
5th: 3 GB
Media internal memory
Released 1st gen: January 9, 2007
2nd gen: September 1, 2010
3rd gen: March 7, 2012
3rd Rev A: January 28, 2013
4th gen: October 30, 2015
5th gen: September 22, 2017
Added to Museum 4th gen: September 5, 2017


The Apple TV is a microconsole and digital media player by Apple. It runs on Apple's tvOS operating system, which is based on iOS.