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Visicalc cover.jpg
Developer Software Arts
Publisher VisiCorp
Systems Apple II, Apple III, Atari 8-bit, Commodore PET, CP/M, DOS, HP 125, SMC-70, TRS-80
Released Visicalc
Apple II: 1979
Apple III, Atari 8-bit, CP/M, DOS, HP 125, TRS-80: 1980
SMC-70: 1981
VisiCalc Advanced Version
Apple IIe, Apple III: 1982
Visicalc Enhanced
TRS-80 (with over 64KB RAM): 1983
Added to
DOS (from Dan Bricklin): April 3, 2020

Visicalc was the first spreadsheet application. Developed by Software Arts, it was first released in 1979.


Visicalc was developed and published on several computer systems.


Visicalc was extremely popular. However, when Lotus-1-2-3 was released in 1983, it could not compete.

Lotus purchased Software Arts in 1985 and discontinued Visicalc and all of their other software.

Free release

Around 2001, Lotus gave Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankson, the creators of Visicalc, permission to host the original DOS version of Visicalc for free download for non-commercial usage.

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