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Commodore VIC-20 logo.jpg
DesignerCommodore Business Machines
ManufacturerCommodore Business Machines
CPUNTSC: 1.02 MHz MOS 6502
PAL: 1.108404 MHz MOS 6502
GraphicsVIC, 176 × 184, 16 colors
RAM5 KB RAM (expandable to 32 KB)
MediaCommodore Datasette
5¼ floppy disk
ReleaseJP: 1980
EU/NA: 1981
Added to museumNot yet

The VIC-20, known in Japan as the VIC-1001 and in Germany as the VC-20, was a computer by Commodore Business Machines.


The VIC-20 was the second computer by Commodore Business Machines. It was known as the VC-20 in Germany, because VIC pronounced with a German accent sounded like the German expletives "fick" or "wichsen". It was marketed in that region with the backronym VolksComputer (people's computer).

Legacy of the VIC-20

The legacy of the Commodore 64 remains, even after its heyday. Independent games continue to be produced for the system to this day.

A plug and play video game console based on the Commodore VIC-20, THEVIC20 was produced by Retro Games.