The Venture Bros. series

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The Venture Bros. logo.png
The Venture Bros. series
DeveloperChristopher McCulloch
PublisherAdult Swim, Telltale Games
SystemsAs noted below
Released2004-present (television show)
2004-2013 (video games)
Added to
As noted below

The Venture Bros. series is an American adult multimedia series created by Christopher McCulloch.

The franchise centers around a television series, aired by Adult Swim, and also includes video games and music.

Fictional character biographies

The series centers around Dr. Rusty Venture, a former child celebrity who went on dangerous adventures in his childhood.

These dangerous adventures scarred him into adulthood. However, regardless of his childhood trauma, he brings his own sons, Dean and Hank, with him on his own dangerous adventures.

On most of their adventures, they are accompanied by their bodyguard, Brock Samson.

Video games in The Venture Bros. series

Title Developer System Release Added to museum Notes
The Venture Bros.: Rough Justice Adult Swim Browser 2004 Not yet An action-adventure game.
Poker Night 2 Telltale Games Windows
Xbox 360
2013 Windows/macOS: May 27, 2013 Brock Samson was in this crossover poker game.