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TADS logo.png
DeveloperMichael J. Roberts
SystemsC, cross-platform
Added to
August 28, 2019

TADS, an acronym for Text Adventure Development System, is a scripting language for creating text adventure games that was first created by Michael J. Roberts in 1988. Development continued until 2013.


TADS 1 was released by High Energy Software as shareware in 1988.

TADS 2 followed shortly after that, releasing in, approximately, 1991. TADS 2 was relicensed as freeware in July 1996.

TADS 3, a complete rewrite of the TADS source code, was released in 2006. Updates followed periodically, culminating in version 3.1.3, released on May 16, 2013.

Games created with TADS