Super Double Dragon

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Super Double Dragon cover.jpg
Super Double Dragon
DeveloperTechnōs Japan
PublisherJP: Technōs Japan
NA: American Technōs
EU/NA: Tradewest
Tommo (re-release)
Blaze Entertainment (Evercade)
SystemsEvercade, SNES
ReleasedSuper Double Dragon
SNES NA: October 8, 1992
SNES EU: September 30, 1993
Evercade (Technōs Collection 1) EU: May 22, 2020
Return of Double Dragon
Super Famicom JP: October 16, 1992
SNES NA: August 21, 2018
Added to
Evercade (Technōs Collection 1): May 12, 2021

Super Double Dragon, known as Return of Double Dragon: "Sleeping Dragon" has Awoken (リターン・オブ・双截龍, Ritān Obu Daburu Doragon) and in the North American re-release as Return of Double Dragon, is a beat 'em up video game by Technōs Japan.