Steven Universe

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Steven Universe
Developer Rebecca Sugar
Publisher As noted below
Systems As noted below
Released 2013-2020 (television)
2014-present (comics)
2014-2019 (video games)
2019 (film)
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Steven Universe is a character that is part of an American multimedia series consisting of television shows, video games, a film, music, and comic books.

Fictional character biographies

Steven Universe is the only being of his kind. He is half human and half of an alien race made of light called gems.

His father is Greg Universe, who was formerly a musician with the stage name of Mr. Universe. His mother was Rose Quartz, who gave up her life to give birth to her son as two beings can not exist with the same gemstone.

Rose Quartz led a rebellion against the gem homeworld, which destroyed organic life on planets to create more gems and sought to do the same to Earth. The rebels call themselves the Crystal Gems. In the ensuing gem war, which lasted for thousands of years, only four Crystal Gems remained. Those gems were Garnet, Pearl, Amythyst, and Rose Quartz. After Steven reached the age of 13, he took his mother's place as a member of the Crystal Gems.

Video games in the Steven Universe series owned by WEC Museum

Title Developer System Release Added to museum Notes
Attack the Light Grumpyface Studios Android
2015 Android: January 20, 2020
tvOS: January 25, 2020
The first game in the Light subseries.
Save the Light Grumpyface Studios PS4
Xbox One
PS4: March 6, 2020 The second game in the Light subseries.
The Phantom Fable Sleep Ninja Games Android
2019 Android: March 31, 2020
Unleash the Light Grumpyface Studios Apple Arcade (iOS, macOS, tvOS) 2019 tvOS: November 27, 2019 The third game in the Light subseries.
Only available to Apple Arcade subscribers.