Star Luster

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Star Luster cover.jpg
Star Luster
Namcot (Famicom)
Blaze Entertainment (Evercade)
SystemsEvercade, Famicom, Nintendo 3DS, Switch, Wii, Wii U, X68000
JP: December 6, 1985
Family Computer
JP: December 06, 1985
Sharp X68000
JP: August 26, 1994
Wii (Virtual Console)
JP: March 4, 2008
3DS (Virtual Console)
JP: November 27, 2013
Wii U (Virtual Console)
JP: November 4, 2015
Evercade (Namco Museum Collection 1)
EU: May 22, 2020
Nintendo Switch (Namcot Collection)
JP: June 18, 2020
Added to
Evercade (Namco Collection 1): May 1, 2021

Star Luster is a space combat simulator video game developed by Namco.