Sonic Drift 2

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Sonic Drift 2 cover.jpg
Sonic Drift 2
Developer Sega
Arc System Works
Publisher Sega
Kobian (PlayPal)
Systems 3DS, Game Gear, PlayPal
Released Game Gear
JP: March 17, 1995
EU: April 1995
NA: November 1995
WW: 2006
Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS
JP: November 14, 2012
EU/NA: July 4, 2013
Added to
PlayPal: October 31, 2020

Sonic Drift 2 (ソニックドリフト2), known in Europe as Sonic Drift Racing, was a racing video game by Sega and Arc System Works.


Sonic Drift 2 was released for the Game Gear in 1995.

It was later included via emulation in the PlayPal handheld video game console, worldwide, in 2006.

Sonic Drift 2 was later released via emulation for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in Japan in 2012 and in Europe and North America in 2013.