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Sharp X68000 logo.png
Designer Sharp
Manufacturer Sharp
CPU 1 MHz Motorola 68000
Graphics From 256x256 to 1024x1024, 16 bits
Memory 1 MB
Media Floppy disk
Released X68000 JP: March 1987
X68000 Ace JP: March 1988
X68000 Expert/Pro JP: March 1989
X68000 Expert II JP: March 1990
X68000 Pro II JP: April 1990
X68000 Super-HD JP: June 1990
X68000 Super JP: January 1991
X68000 XVI JP: May 1991
X68000 Compact JP: February 1992
X68030 JP: March 1993
X68030 Compact JP: May 1995
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X68000 (エックス ろくまんはっせん, Ekkusu Rokuman Hassen) is a series of Japanese computers.

The computers in the X68000 series were manufactured from 1987 to 2000.

The X68000 was released in March 1987, followed by the X68000 Ace and Ace-HD in March 1988, the X68000 Expert, X68000 Expert-HD, and the X68000 Pro and X68000 Pro-HD in March 1989.

The X68000 Expert II and X68000 Expert II-HD were released in March 1990 followed by the X68000 Pro II and X68000 Pro II-HD in April 1990.

The X68000 Super-HD was released in June 1990, followed by the X68000 Super in January 1991, the X68000 XVI and X68000 XVI-HD in May 1991, the X68000 Compact in February 1992, and the X68000 Compact in February 1992.

Finally, the X68030 and X68030-HD were released in February 1993 followed by the X68030 Compact and X68030 Compact-HD in May 1993.