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Nichibutsu logo.png
Type Brand of Hamster
Founded October 1970 (closed in 2014)
Headquarters Osaka, Japan
Key people Sueharu Torii, founder
Industry Video games
Products Video games
Employees 30 (prior to acquisition by Hamster)

Nichibutsu is a brand name owned by Hamster.


Nihon Bussan was founded in Japan in October 1970 by Sueharu Torii. Its primary video game brand was Nichibutsu.

Nihon Bussan was originally set up to buy and sell arcade machines. It was incorporated as Nihon Bussan Co., Ltd. in 1972.

When it began releasing its own games in 1978, the games were marketed under the brand name Nichibutsu.

Acquisition by Hamster Corporation

In 2014, Hamster contacted Sueharu Torii to license Nichibutsu games. Instead, Torii opted to sell the company outright.

Thus, in March 2014, Hamster acquired the rights to Nihon Bussan's entire video game library, and Sueharu Torii retired.

As a result, Nihon Bussan closed, and Nichibutsu became merely a brand name.

Nichibutsu games owned by WEC Museum

Title Year System Notes
Kid's Horehore Daisakusen 1987 Arcade WEC Museum owns the emulated Arcade Archives version by Hamster on Nintendo Switch.