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NXP logo.png
NXP Semiconductors
Type Public
Founded 1953 (Philips Semiconductors)
1961 (Signetics)
Headquarters Eindhoven, Netherlands
Austin, Texas, US
Key people not disclosed
Industry microprocessors, electronics
Products microprocessors, electronics
Employees 31,000
Website http://www.nxp.com/

NXP Semiconductors is an electronics company.

Philips Semiconductors

Philips Semiconductors was founded in 1953.


Signetics was founded in 1961.


Philips purchased Signetics in 1975 and renamed it Philips-Signetics.

NXP Semiconductors

Philips Semiconductors was spun-off to NXP Semiconductors in September 2006.

Consoles using Signetic microprocessors owned by WEC Museum

Name Manufacturer Year Added to museum Notes
Acetronic 1979 March 22, 2018 Contains the Signetics 2650AI and Signetics 2636N