Myst III: Exile

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Myst III cover.jpg
Myst III: Exile
DeveloperPresto Studios
PublisherUbisoft, Cyan
SystemsMac OS, mac OS, PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox
ReleasedMacOS, Windows
NA: May 7, 2001
EU: September 7, 2001
PlayStation 2, Xbox
NA: September 22, 2002
EU: October 4, 2002
WW: June 29, 2018
Added to
macOS, Windows ( June 29, 2018

Myst III: Exile is an adventure game by Presto Studios that is the third game in the Myst series.

It was released for Mac OS and Windows in 2001, for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2002, and for macOS in 2018.


The stranger searches for a book of Ages which was stolen by a man who seeks vengeance upon the man who wrote it.


Myst III: Exile was the first Myst game to be developed by a company other than Cyan. This game was developed by Presto Studios with their Sprint engine.

In 2018, the ResidualVM team worked with Cyan, the creators of the Myst series, to officially release Myst III: Exile on The ResidualVM executable was included for the purpose of running the game.