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{{Infobox_Company |
{{Infobox_Company |
   company_name  = Milliken Publishing|
   company_name  = Milliken Publishing|
  company_logo  = [[File:Milliken Publishing logo.png|80px]]|
   company_type  = Brand of Lorenz Educational Press|
   company_type  = Brand of Lorenz Educational Press|
   foundation    = 1957|
   foundation    = 1957|

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Milliken Publishing
Type Brand of Lorenz Educational Press
Founded 1957
Headquarters Dayton, Ohio, U.S.
Key people not disclosed
Industry books, software
Products books, software
Employees not disclosed
Website N/A

Milliken Publishing is a subsidiary of Lorenz Educational Press.


Milliken Publishing was founded by St. Louis, Missouri in 1957.

Acquisition by Lorenz Educational Press

Lorenz Educational Press acquired Milliken Publishing on May 8, 2008, and its headquarters was moved to Dayton, Ohio.

Video games by Milton Bradley Company owned by the WEC Museum

Title System Release Added to museum Notes
Milliken Math Sequences: Integers TI-99/4A 1982 February 3, 2020