Marmalade Game Studio

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Marmalade Game Studio logo.png
Marmalade Game Studio
Type Private company
Founded 1998 (Ideaworks3D)
2009 (Ideaworks Game Studio and Ideaworks Labs)
June 2011 (Marmalade Game Studio and Marmalade Technologies)
Headquarters London. England, U.K.
Key people Hideo Kojima, founder
Industry Video games
Products Video games
Employees not disclosed

Marmalade Game Studio is an English video game developer.


IdeaWorks3D was formed in 1998.

Ideaworks Game Studio and Ideaworks Labs

In 2009, the company was split into two divisions. Ideaworks Game Studio worked on video games, while Ideaworks Labs worked on cross-platform technology development with its Airplay software development kit.

Marmalade Game Studio and Marmalade Technologies

In June 2011, the Airplay SDK was renamed Marmalade. The studios were renamed Marmalade as well shortly afterward, becoming Marmalade Technologies and Marmalade Game Studio.

In September 2016, the company announced that Marmalade Technologies would discontinue development of Airplay SDK, and that the focus going forward would be on video game development through Marmalade Game Studios.

Games by Ideaworks3D

Title Publisher System Release Added to Museum Notes
Metal Gear Solid Mobile Konami N-Gage 2008 Not yet