Maniac Mansion

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Maniac Mansion
DeveloperLucasfilm Games
Jaleco (Famicom)
PublisherLucasfilm Games
Activision (Europe)
Jaleco (Famicom/NES)
AtGames (Flashback)
SystemsAdventure Flashback Blast!, Amiga, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, Mac OS, macOS, NES, Windows
ReleasedApple II, Commodore 64
NA: October 5, 1987
NA: March 12, 1988 (original)
NA: December 31, 1989 (enhanced)
Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom
JP: June 23, 1988
NA: September 18, 1990
EU: October 22, 1992
Amiga, Atari ST
NA: July 26, 1989
Mac OS
NA: June 25, 1993 (original)
Linux, Windows, macOS
NA: December 18, 2017 (original)
Adventure Flashback Blast!
NA: November 1, 2019 (NES)
Added to
Linux, Mac, Win (enhanced): March 21, 2016
Linux, Mac, Win (original): March 22, 2018
Adventure Flashback (NES): August 1, 2020

Maniac Mansion was the first game to use the SCUMM scripting utility (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion).


Dave's girlfriend Sandy is kidnapped, and he must go in to the creepy mansion with two other kids to save her.


Dave must always be in the party, but the player can choose any of the other kids to go with him. The other kids have special abilities that can help in the mission, and using these special abilities will lead to other possible endings to the game.


The game was designed and led by Ron Gilbert, who would go on to found Humongous Entertainment, Hulabee Entertainent, and Terrible Toybox.

A fan-made remake titled Maniac Mansion Deluxe, created using Adventure Game Studio, was released in 2004.