King's Quest (video game)

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King's Quest I cover.jpg
King's Quest
SystemsAmiga, Apple II, Atari ST, DOS, Mac OS, SMS
ReleasedAGI - DOS: May 10, 1984
AGI - Amiga Apple II, Atari ST: 1984
AGI Mac: 1985
Master System: June 1989
SMS - DOS: 1990
Added to
Windows (DOS): December 17, 2012

King's Quest, also known as King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown, is the first game in the King's Quest series.


Sir Graham is chosen to find the three treasures of Daventry. Once he finds them, he shall become king.


King's Quest was the first game to use Sierra's AGI engine. This allowed the player to move the character throughout a scene and combined a text parser for actions, which was groundbreaking at the time.


King's Quest was released in 1983 as a keyboard controlled graphical adventure game with a text parser using Sierra's AGI engine.

In 1990, Roberta Williams' King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown was released. This was an enhanced remake which was a point-and-click adventure game with 256 color VGA graphics using Sierra's SCI engine.

In 2001, AGD Interactive released an unofficial fan-made enhanced remake of King's Quest, developed using Adventure Game Studio.