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Yosaku flyer.jpg
DeveloperOrca Corporation (Arcade)
SNK (Neo Geo Pocket)
Epoch (unofficial Cassette Vision conversion)
PublisherShin Nihan Kikaku (Arcade)
SNK (Neo Geo Pocket)
Epoch (unofficial Cassette Vision conversion)
SystemsArcade, Cassette Vision, Neo Geo Pocket
JP: 1979
Cassette Vision (unofficial)
JP: 1981
Neo Geo Pocket
JP (KOF: Battle de Paradise): July 6, 2000
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Yosaku (与作, "Lumberjack") was an action video game released in arcades by SNK in 1979.

An unofficial conversion to the Cassette Vision, titled Kikori no Yosaku (きこりの与作, "Kikori's Work"), was released by Epoch for the Cassette Vision in 1981.

SNK remade the game for the Neo Geo Pocket in Japan in 2000, as a secret game inside the Neo Geo Pocket Color game The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise. If the cartridge is inserted in a Neo Geo Pocket console, Yosaku will be playable.