Karate Champ

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Karate Champ flyer.jpg
Karate Champ
DeveloperData East
PublisherData East
Tastemakers (Arcade1Up)
Blaze Entertainment (Evercade)
SystemsArcade, Arcade1Up, Apple II, Commodore 64, Evercade, Famicom Disk System, iOS, PlayStation 2, Switch, Wii
JP: May 1984
WW: September 1984
Apple II, Commodore 64
NA: October 1985
Nintendo Entertainment System
NA: December 1986
Famicom Disk System
JP: July 22, 1988
PlayStation 2
JP: July 21, 2005
Wii (Virtual Console)
JP: March 16, 2010
WW: 2010
PlayStation 4, Switch (Arcade Archives)
JP: October 9, 2014
EU: July 28, 2015
NA: September 29, 2015
NA: March 1, 2020
Evercade (Data East Collection 1)
EU: May 22, 2020
Added to
Evercade (Data East Collection 1): May 1, 2021

Karate Champ (空手道, "The Way of the Empty Hand") is a platforming game by Data East was released in 1984.

A two-player competitive version, Karate Champ — Player vs Player (対戦空手道 美少女青春編, Taisen Karate Dō: Bishōjo Seishun Hen, "The Competitive Way of the Empty Hand: Pretty Maiden Edition") was released the same year. The international and console versions of Karate Champ were based on this version.