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Jenni logo.png
Jenni series
DeveloperJennifer McMurray
PublisherCydoca Entertainment
SystemsAs noted below
Released2010-present (comics)
2011-present (short films)
Added to
As noted below

Jenni is an character that is part of an American multimedia series consisting of comics and short films.

Jenni was created by Jennifer McMurray and began as a webcomic on April 19, 2010.

Jenni was spun-off into the Doug the Ogre series.

Character biography

The series mostly follows Jenni, a woman who works with her scientist friend Mary, testing out her inventions. She later also helps Merlin the wizard once he begins using his magic in conjunction with Mary's science. After helping Mary, she meets Doug and his mom, two of Merlin's ogre assistants.

Other characters consist of Jenni's family, including her mother Maddie and her boyfriend Ron, and Jenni's friends, including the technology fan Ian, the goth woman Abby, and the partier known only as "The Hat Guy".

Films in the Jenni series

Title Studio Release Added to museum Notes
New Year's Resolution Jennifer McMurray 2011 January 2, 2011 30 second animated short film featuring Ian with cameos by Jenni.