Intellivision Rocks

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Intellivision Rocks.jpg
Intellivision Rocks
DeveloperQuicksilver Software
PublisherIntellivision Productions
SystemsMac OS, Windows
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December 28, 2019

Intellivision Rocks is a video game compilation.

It was developed by Quicksilver Software and published by Intellivision Productions.

Included developers

It contains emulated Intellivision video games by Action Graphics, Activision, APh Technological Consulting, Cheshire Engineering, Imagic, Mattel, and Realtime Associates.

Included games

Title Developer Released Notes
Atlantis Imagic 1982
B-17 Bomber Mattel 1982
Beamrider Action Graphics 1983
Beauty and the Beast Imagic 1982
Bomb Squad Mattel 1982
Deep Pockets Super Pro Pool & Billiards Realtime Associates 1982
Demon Attack Imagic 1982
Dracula Imagic 1983
Dragonfire Imagic 1982
The Dreadnaught Factor Cheshire Engineering 1983
Fathom Imagic 1983
Game Factory Mattel 2001 Previously unreleased
Happy Trails Activision 1983
Ice Trek Imagic 1983
League of Light Activision 2001 Previously unreleased
Magic Carousel Mattel 2001 Previously unreleased
Melody Blaster Mattel 1983
Microsurgeon Imagic 1982
Mind Strike Mattel 1983
Minotaur APh Technological Consulting 1983
Mr. Basic Meets Bits N' Bytes Mattel 1983
Nova Blast Imagic 1983
Number Jumble Mattel 1983
Pitfall! Activision 1982
River Raid Activision 1983
River Raid Activision 2001 Previously unreleased
Safecracker Imagic 1983
Space Spartans Mattel 1982
Stampede Activision 1983
Swords & Serpents Imagic 1982
Thin Ice Mattel 1986
Tropical Trouble Imagic 1982
Truckin' Imagic 1983
White Water! Imagic 1983
World Series Baseball Mattel 1983
Worm Whomper Cheshire Engineering 1983