Indie Heroes Collection 1

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Indie Heroes Collection 1 cover.jpg
Indie Heroes Collection 1
Developer Blaze Entertainment
Publisher Blaze Entertainment
Systems Evercade
Released July 30, 2021
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Indie Heroes Collection 1 was a compilation cartridge for Evercade.

Indie Heroes Collection 1 was the nineteenth cartridge for the Evercade.

Emulated platforms

The games were playable through emulation. The emulated platforms were the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game consoles.

Included games

It contained fourteen games, originally released between 2008 and 2021, that were developed by -IZMA-, Bite the Chili Productions, Broke Studio, LowtekGames, Manu Segura, Nape Games, Nate Peters, PSCD Games, The Retro Room Roo, and SJ Games.

Title Developer Release Platform
Alien Cat 2 PSCD Games 2020 Genesis
Anguna: Warriors of Virtue Bite the Chili Productions 2008 GBA
Chain Break Manu Segura 2019 Game Boy
Deadeus -IZMA- 2019 Game Boy
Debtor PSCD Games 2020 Genesis
Doodle World Nate Peters 2021 NES
Flea! LowtekGames 2020 NES
Foxyland PSCD Games 2020 Genesis
Kubo 3 SJ Games 2020 NES
PLOID Nape Games 2021 NES
Quest Arrest The Retro Room Roo 2020 Game Boy
Super Homebrew War Bite the Chili Productions 2018 NES
Twin Dragons Broke Studio 2018 NES
Uchūsen: Ultimate PLOID Battle Nape Games 2019 NES