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DeveloperChristopher Gaylo
PublisherChristopher Gaylo
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Source: November 1, 2019

Highnoon was a text-based shooting game written in BASIC.


Highnoon is a shoot-out between the player and an outlaw named Black Bart. The player and the computer take turns. At each turn, the options are to move closer, run, or shoot. The closer the player and Bart get, the more likely it is for the shot to land.


Christopher Gaylo, a high school student at Syosset High School, NY developed Highnoon in early BASIC in early 1970 through a terminal, leased by the high school, that dialed into a GE 265 computer from Call-A-Computer of Long Island, NY.

Highnoon became so popular that the administrators on the Call-A-Computer system included the compiled version as a system-wide game.