Heavy Barrel

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Heavy barrel flyer.png
Heavy Barrel
DeveloperData East
Quicksilver Software (Apple II, DOS)
PublisherData East, Retro-Bit
SystemsApple II, Arcade, DOS, Generations, NES, Super Retro Cade, Wii, Zeebo
WW: 1987
Apple II, DOS
EU/NA: 1989
NA: 1990
JP: February 19, 2010
Brazil, Mexico: 2010
Super Retro Cade
NA: December 15, 2017
Retro-Bit Generations III
JP: December 23, 2017
Nintendo Switch (Johnny Turbo's Arcade)
WW: November 15, 2018
Added to
Super Retro Cade (Arcade): June 19, 2019
Switch (Johnny Turbo): August 10, 2020

Heavy Barrel is a run and gun video game by Data East.