Full Throttle

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Full Throttle
Developer LucasArts (original)
Double Fine (Remastered)
Publisher LucasArts (original)
Activision (original in Europe)
Double Fine (Remastered)
Platforms DOS, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, macOS, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Windows
Released Full Throttle
DOS, Mac OS NA: May 19, 1995
Full Throttle Remastered
PS4, Vita, Windows WW: April 18, 2017
macOS WW: June 3, 2017
iOS WW: July 20, 2017
Linux WW: July 29, 2017
Xbox One WW: October 29, 2020
Added to
Linux, Mac, Win (Remastered): April 18, 2017
PS4 (Remastered): June 3, 2017

Full Throttle is an adventure game by LucasArts that was released on June 25, 1995 for DOS and Mac OS.

A high definition version, Full Throttle Remastered, was released for iOS, Linux, macOS, PS4, Vita, and Windows in 2017 and for Xbox One in 2020.


A biker named Ben is framed for a murder and has to uncover the real culprit.


Full Throttle uses the SCUMM engine, which was also used in the previous LucasArts adventure games.

It was designed by Tim Schafer, who as the co-writer on the first two Monkey Island games and Day of the Tentacle.

Full Throttle Remastered

Tim Schafer's development studio, Double Fine, created a remastered version, Full Throttle Remastered.

This version has high-resolution graphics and multiple control schemes.