Floppy disk

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Floppy disk.png
Floppy disk
Developer IBM (8-inch)
Shugart Associates (5¼-inch)
Sony (3½-inch)
Apple (5¼-inch FileWare)
Mitsumi (2⅘-inch Quick Disk)
Publisher Various
Systems Various
Released 8-inch: 1967
5¼-inch: September 1976
3½-inch: 1981
5¼-inch FileWare: January 19, 1983
2⅘-inch Quick Disk: 1985
Added to Museum December 25, 1980

The Floppy disk, floppy, disk, or diskette, is a magnetic storage format.

8-inch floppy

In 1967, IBM released the 8-inch floppy disk for use with their System/370 mainframe computers.

5¼-inch minifloppy

Shugart Associates released the 5¼-inch minifloppy in September 1976.

3½-inch floppy

Sony released the 3½-inch floppy in 1981. This format had a hard plastic case that protected the magnetic disk.

5¼-inch FileWare

On January 19, 1983, Apple released the proprietary 5¼-inch FileWare, code-named "Twiggy", for use in their Lisa computer. The FileWare format is similar to the standard 5¼-inch minifloppy, however, it has additional write windows on the top of the disk, and the label runs down the side.

2⅘-inch Quick Disk

Mitsumi released the 2⅘-inch quick disk in 1985. The most successful use of this format was the Family Computer Disk System, released in Japan in 1986.