Fantasy Zone: The Maze

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Fantasy Zone The Maze cover.png
Fantasy Zone: The Maze
Tec Toy (Brazil)
Kobian (PlayPal)
SystemsArcade, Master System, PlayPal
ReleasedArcade (Sega System E)
JP: July 20, 1987
Sega Master System
JP: December 20, 1987
EU: May 1988
NA: July 1988
Australia, Brazil: 1988
WW: 2006
Added to
PlayPal: October 31, 2020

Fantasy Zone: The Maze, known in Japan as Opa Opa (オパオパ) was a maze video game by Sega.


Opa Opa was released for the arcade market in 1987 in Japan, followed by a Sega Master System port later that year.

The Sega Master System version was released outside of Japan as Fantasy Zone: The Maze in 1988.

The Sega Master System version was later included via emulation in the PlayPal handheld video game console, worldwide, in 2006.