Fables series

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DeveloperBill Willingham, Telltale
PublisherDC Comics, Telltale
SystemsAs noted below
ReleasedJuly 2002 - July 2015 (comics)
2013 - 2021 (video games)
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As noted below

The Fables series is an American multimedia series consisting of comics and video games.


Characters from fables were forced from their home into the real world, which they refer to as the mundane world and the people who live there as mundies. They agreed that it would be a fresh start and that any crimes in the world the fables came from wouldn't count against anyone in the mundane world.

Thus, the Big Bad Wolf, who goes by the name Bigby, is the sheriff of Fabletown, which is in the mundane city of New York, and Snow White is the mayor.

Most characters from fables live in Fabletown, but anyone who can't blend in with humans, or who can't afford a spell to make themselves appear human, have to live in upstate New York, in a place known as The Farm.

Fables video games

Title Studio Release Added to museum Notes
The Wolf Among Us Telltale 2013 - 2014 macOS/Windows: July 8, 2014
The Wolf Among Us 2 Telltale, AdHoc Studio 2021 not yet