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Daredevil logo.png
DeveloperStan Lee, Bill Everett
PublisherMarvel Comics, various
SystemsAs noted below
Released1964-present (comics)
2003 (film)
2003 (video game)
2015-2018 (television)
Added to
As noted below

Daredevil is a character that is part of an American multimedia series consisting of comics, television shows, films, music, and video games.

Daredevil was created in April 1964 by the Marvel Comics writer Stan Lee and the artist and writer Bill Everett.

Daredevil was also in some entries in The Defenders series and some entries in the Capcom vs. series.

Fictional character biography

A young boy named Matt Murdock saves an old man crossing the street into traffic, and as a result, a truck capsizes and toxic chemicals pour onto Matt.

Blinded, Matt Murdock must hone his other senses. He manages to do so, with the help of a man named Stick who trains Matt in martial arts so that he can defeat an ancient martial arts clan known as the Hand.

Daredevil film

Title Studio Release Added to museum Notes
Daredevil Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 2003 Not yet

Daredevil television series

Title Studio Release Added to museum Notes
Daredevil Marvel Studios 2015-2018 Not yet Television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Daredevil video game

Title Developer System Release Added to museum Notes
Daredevil Griptonite Games Game Boy Advance 2003 Not yet Video game based on the 2003 film.