Bionic Commando (1988 video game)

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Bionic Commando
PublisherCapcom, Retro-Bit
SystemsBlackberry, Game Boy, NES, PS3, Generations, Generations II, Super Retro Cade, Windows, Xbox 360
Famicom JP: July 20, 1988
NES NA: December 1988
NES EU: October 26, 1990
Game Boy JP: July 24, 1992
Game Boy NA: September 1992
Game Boy EU: 1992
Bionic Commando Rearmed
PS3 JP: August 13, 2008
PS3 NA: August 14, 2008
PS3 EU/AU: August 28, 2008
Windows/Xbox 360: August 13, 2008
BlackBerry: April 23, 2009
Generations: November 10, 2016
Generations II: October 28, 2017
Super Retro Cade: December 15, 2017
Added to
Super Retro Cade (NES): June 19, 2019
Generations (NES): October 13, 2019
Generations II (Famicom): July 4, 2020

Bionic Commando (ヒットラーの復活 TOP SECRET, Hitler's Resurrection: Top Secret) is an action platformer released for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Capcom. It is the second game in the Bionic Commando series.

It was ported to the Game Boy in 1992. This version features the same stages and gameplay, but the setting is changed from the present day to the future.

It received an enhanced remake titled Bionic Commando Rearmed (バイオニック コマンドー マスターD復活計画, Bionic Commando: Master D Resurrection Project) for PlayStation 3, Windows, and Xbox 360 in 2008 and for Blackberry mobile phones in 2009.