Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja

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Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja cover.jpg
Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja
DeveloperData East
PublisherData East
Retro-Bit (Generations)
Flying Tiger (Johnny Turbo's Arcade)
Blaze Entertainment (Evercade)
SystemsArcade, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, Evercade, Nintendo Entertainment System, Generations III, Super Retro Cade, Switch, Zeebo
JP: April 1988
EU: 1988
Amiga, Amstrad, Apple II, Atari ST, C64, DOS
EU: 1988
Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom
JP: July 14, 1989
NA: July 1990
EU: 1990
Brazil, Mexico: July 27, 2010
Super Retro Cade
NA: December 15, 2017
Retro-Bit Generations III
JP: December 23, 2017
Nintendo Switch (Johnny Turbo's Arcade)
WW: April 04, 2018
Evercade (Data East Collection 1)
EU: May 22, 2020
Evercade (Arcade, Data East Arcade 1)
EU: November 3, 2021
Added to
Super Retro Cade (Arcade, NES): June 19, 2019
Switch (Johnny Turbo): August 10, 2020
Evercade (Data East Collection 1): May 1, 2021

Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja (|ドラゴンニンジャ, DragonNinja), also known as Bad Dudes, is a beat 'em up by Data East.