Atari Arcade 1

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Atari Arcade 1
DeveloperBlaze Entertainment
PublisherBlaze Entertainment
ReleasedNovember 3, 2021
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Atari Arcade 1 was a compilation cartridge for Evercade.

Atari Arcade 1 was the fourth arcade cartridge for the Evercade, and the twenty-sixth overall.

Emulated platforms

The games were playable through emulation. The emulated platforms were various arcade video game boards.

Included games

It contained thirteen games, originally released between 1972 and 1983, that were developed by Atari.

Title Developer Release Platform
Asteroids Deluxe Atari 1981 Arcade
Canyon Bomber Atari 1977 Arcade
Centipede Atari 1981 Arcade
Crystal Castles Atari 1983 Arcade
Liberator Atari 1982 Arcade
Lunar Lander Atari 1979 Arcade
Millipede Atari 1982 Arcade
Missile Command Atari 1980 Arcade
Night Driver Atari 1976 Arcade
Pong Atari 1972 Arcade
Skydiver Atari 1978 Arcade
Super Breakout Atari 1978 Arcade
Warlords Atari 1980 Arcade